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Record not reviewed.
5 partes: S, A, T, B / Órg. fig.
Date range 1858-05-06/1858-05-06
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/007/DOC003
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/007/Doc003
Record not reviewed.
Date range 1905/1905
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/007/DOC004
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/007/Doc004
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/008/DOC001
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/008/Doc001
Record not reviewed.
6 partes: S, S, A, T / Acomp. (x2)
Date range 1716/1716
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/009/DOC001
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/009/Doc001
Record not reviewed.
Date range 1865/1868
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/DOC001
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/Doc001
Record not reviewed.
Date range 1869/1869
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/DOC002
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/Doc002
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/DOC003
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/Doc003
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/DOC004
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/Doc004
Record not reviewed.
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/DOC005
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/Doc005
Record not reviewed.
1 partituras: S (T e B)/ Órg. fig;1 redução: S / Acomp.7 partes: S solo / S, T (x2), B / Cb, Órg. fig.
Date range 1876-04-04/1897
Reference code PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/DOC006
Document quota PT/ASP/CSP/FSP/G/010/Doc006